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15 days ago
Tina Sinatra: “One day Dad took me for ice cream sodas at Rumpelmayer's, off Central Park. As we sipped away, we saw a mother and small daughter at the toy counter, in heavy negotiations over an ornate Madame Alexander doll. ('Mommy, please.' 'I'm sorry, Sweetheart, but no, it's too expensive.')
As the two of them left the shop, Dad smiled at me and said,'C'mon.' He paid for the doll and lit out down the sidewalk. As Dad caught up to them, he tapped the little girl on the shoulder and presented the doll in its opened box. With eyes large as saucers, she grabbed it. The mother was so startled that at first she didn't see who it was.
Dad was like the Lone Ranger; he didn't wait around for thanks. We jumped into our car and were gone in a flash, though not before I caught the mother's stunned look of recognition. And oh, the expression on that little girl.”
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