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Shout Out Universe
Send your messages to the Universe and help others send their messages too!
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You can join Shout Out Universe by signing up with a username/password (requires email confirmation), or via your Facebook or Google account.  Accounts have a username just for extra account security, like a "second password".  There's no names or even usernames on this app.  It's all about the message on here, the content and the sentiment.  Manifest your dreams and wishes, make your vision board, and feel the support of others.

Send your messages to the universe with text, or a photo, or video. You can send your love for a message by clicking on the  Like  icon.  You can echo messages to the universe by clicking on the  Echo!  icon.  You can also attach a comment to the echo.

No prejudice or racism
No illegal activity
No copyrighted material you do not own or have permission to post
No x-rated

If you feel your messages have been flagged and you have been removed without good reason, please contact us.

Quantum Entanglement: Objects created together, and then separated by "space"...Something happens to one, and the other responds instantly. Either information is travelling infinitely fast, or, in reality they are still connected. Entangled. ... Big Bang: rapid expansion of matter marked the origin of the Universe... so we are all connected?? Feel the connection. Shout out your messages to the Universe. Help others send their messages too. Echo!