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 I've decided I want a job. But, I want the Universe to find the right job to me, at the right time. I'm putting this out for the universe, that I am interested, and willing. I'm adding my intentions. For a job.....I want something that Is either part time, or has enough flexibility to allow me to be home with the kids after school and a lot of the time during the summer. Maybe even a job where I can be with them during the summer. Something from home would be wonderful, or something I could do in an office OR from home. I don't want to do receptionist type work, greeting people, being the main person to answer and direct calls. I want to be on the computer, typing. I want to be able to get out and go do stuff, but not all the time. I don't mind traveling, but it couldn't be often and for long periods of time, because of the kids. When the kids are older and more able to be home on their own, then traveling would be fine. If I could travel somewhere over the weekend (leave Friday and work saturday/sunday and be home late Sunday night or during the school day on monday), or if during the summer I could travel and take the kids and had someone to watch them, THAT would be awesome. I want something that feels more like FUN than WORK. I want something that makes me feel important. I really don't care about money or benefits, Clint makes both of those. But, making lots of money would be great, but something that I am passionate about is even better. So, I want something on the computer, flexible, home/office/both. I want to feel important. I love typing, and I love reading stuff people have typed. I would like to do some editing. I love creating documents/forms, so that would be cool. I like doing some amounts of research. I do like to help people, so that would be great - but I don't want a job where I am always helping people, like a counselor. I want fun, computer, home, flexible, pay is whatever. I would love to make a high salary, but honestly, anything is fine. I want to have the freedom to do the work wherever and whnever so I can run the kids around, be there at sporting events, drive them where they need to be, etc. II don't want to be "in the public eye", meaning I great people constantly, but I don't mind if I have to meet with people or coworks often. I just don't want a receptionist type job. I love typing, I love computers, I love reading. I love doing research, trying to find stuff.